UVU Review

  • Editor-in-Chief (05/2016 to 05/2017), Opinion Editor (05/2015 to 05/2016), Editor-at-Large (05/2014 to 05/2015)

    • Led a team of over 60 writers, photographers, designers and web developers
    • Wrote stories, pitched ideas, investigated leads and edited other writers

  • News Writing Intern (01/2016 to 05/2016)
    •  Created digital content for online news
    •  Fact-checked information and data
    •  Interviewed people from a wide variety of occupations and careers



Interwest Piering and Concrete Lifting

  • Videographer 05/2017 to 10/2017
    • Scripted, filmed, and edited training videos and promotional materials
    • Performed voice overs

eLearning Brothers

  • Marketing Blogger (03/2015 to 06/2017)

    • Brainstorm with marketing team and write posts for a learning and development industry blog
    • Edit other writers’ work
    • Promote company products and assets through SEO
    • Featured in's magazine, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence Essentials in their August and September 2015 issues
    • Blogger of the Month

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • Web Promotion Writer (02/2012 to 04/2013)
    • Strategized search engine optimization
    • Co-managed a team of writers and web analysts
    • Promoted non-ranking pages to the top five search results on Google

Side Projects

In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, playing the viola, and trying new creative things on my blog.