This video is a revamped version of my very first video, and a subject I thought deserved a finer touch. Kind of like how Hitchcock remade The Man Who Knew Too Much, his own film, a couple decades later. Did I mention I think I'm on the same level of Hitchcock now?
I chronicle the historical and cultural phenomenon of marriage proposals and make a little history of my own.
Celebrating the coveted 15-subscriber milestone, I answer my toughest question yet: Who is QuestSeans?

Alpine folklore tells of a mythical being named Krampus. This creature is a demon who acts as a foil to St. Nicholas. Learn all about Krampus and other lesser known Christmas characters here.

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Dr. Strangelove is a classic movie from renowned director Stanley Kubrick. A dark-as-night comedy about the fragility of the protections that keep us from the brink of nuclear war, Dr. Strangelove actually isn't that far off from the truth.
Volkswagen has an interesting story, spanning from Nazi Germany to American hippy movement and beyond.
When did the youth get so weird? Probably around the time "youth" were invented. Take a look at the fads your ancestors thought were cool.
Every year, approximately 40 bajillion remakes, adaptations, and sequels are released in theaters. Has that always been the case?